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So, I’m having issues updateing my monitor. I keep getting the same error, time after time, trying all sorts of different methods and finally I found the answer.

The problem

I’ve got an ASUS ROG Claymore and some other perifls that I control with Aura Sync from the ARMOURY CRATE app. After updating the ARMOURY CRATE app using the built-in update tool, the keyboard stops lighting up when booting into windows. When trying to figure out what was wrong I started ARMOURY CRATE and went into the Aura Sync tab. This would start the RGB backlight and the keyboard would work again. Until the next reboot the next day.

As you can imagine, this was frustrating and maybe you have the same problem.

After asking google what the problem was…

I recently downloaded an app that would allow me to create a video feed using a mobile phone and then connect to it and see the feed. This worked decently. I could get the image rolling on the screen. It’s nice since the setup was minimal and the walkthru in the app was decent in explaining what was expected of me to get it to work.

Well up an running I started noticing connectivity issues, sometimes the feed would freeze. The app would still be happy, and display it as running. This wasn’t optimal. The phone I was using to…

Bookmark image
Bookmark image

This is old knowledge, that I stumbled over back when I started my first consultancy as a QA.

I was faced with the task to verify functionality in a web application. The idea was that page A gave you the information that there were more options behind a link. Once you clicked on this link, you were presented with page B and it was supposed to display all the options.

This was okay at the start. Having 4 or maybe 10 options. After I had tried a couple of these I started seeing links with 80 to 120 options. Now…

I wrote a node application using ES6 syntax, i.e. import express from 'express';. Once done, to make life easier, I wanted to use Docker to host the application. So I googled my inquiry, as you do, and found a bunch of tutorials on how to create a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml.

Sweet, let’s do it!


You can find all the code on GitHub @

Once I had written all the instructions I ran it, the image built and docker-compose started the container. Much to my dismay I got errors. It didn’t recognise import and complained loudly about it.

After what…

Fsharp code
Fsharp code
Photo by Ilija Boshkov on Unsplash

After a while working in a team that develops in F# I converted to the dark side. Almost my entire first year with the team I wrote my API tests in C# because that was what I knew. It was easier.

During the summer months, I decided it was time to change that. So I started to port my C# tests to F#. But I ran into problems. C# is Object-oriented and F# is functional. I also wanted to be able to run my tests in parallel to get the execution time down. How do I do this the best…


A while back I had an interview where the interviewer asked me if I could write API-tests. I didn’t really think too much about the question, and thought: ‘Well, of course, I can!’.

So, as the good consultant that I am, I just answered ‘Yes, I do!’

Said and done, I left the interview hurrying back to my assignment. Already occupied with thoughts on how to solve my current problems. Later my boss called and informed me the interviewer had liked me and if I wanted the gig was mine. I accepted and went on vacation.

A couple of weeks…


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